White-labeled sso for service providers

Most companies fail to offer sufficient protection to their users. Single-factor (username/password) authentication is the prevailing paradigm, but its weaknesses are very evident on today's Internet. Using SmartSignin's single sign-on and multi-factor authentication, service providers can provide their customers with the convenience of password management and auto-login as well as extra protection for their online credentials and data. Service providers can also utilize SmartSignin to reduce forfeiture of revenue due to subscribers sharing their credentials with others. By protecting their customer's privacy and critical data, service providers not only gain their trust and goodwill but also their loyalty.


 No more password fatigue and insecure password management within the organization. 
 Reduces the burden on IT from managing numerous identities of users across multiple cloud applications.
 Eliminates password related help desk costs for password resets.
 Reduces extra cost associated with bulk purchase of unused Saas licenses .
 Removes the costs of overheads such as tokens and appliances as SmartSignin requires no PKI.