Most passwords are too insecure in their own way, so additional forms of authentication are necessary. Aside from geo-location detection and machine identification, SmartSIgnin Identity and Access Management Suite offers customers with an SMS one-time password and knowledge-based authentication. Additionally, our patented SmartKey algorithm gives an extra layer of protection.

2-Factor authentication

Employees, vendors, customers sometimes are required to add a second or third layer of authentication. PerfectCloud has few choices. Our Cryptphrase is a built-in 2nd factor authentication for SmartSignin without which a user cannot log into the system. This never gets transmitted or stored and it is not device centric either.


One time password without SMS. You are not dependent on your mobile phones for an SMS to come to any more. Its instant and dependable form of authentication.


For the companies that want are currently using SMS for 2nd factor authentication, SmartSignin can integrate the current gateway for all SMS OTP.

REST API and SAML Toolkits

If your organization has custom-built applications that need to authenticate users, SmartSignin provides toolkits for Java, NET. PHP, Python and Ruby to completely eliminate passwords.