PerfectCloud secures period. Whether you want to SSO to it or use it for Data security PerfectCloud is the answer. You can also have complete control over application access, provision and de-provision users in real-time. Box end-users will enjoy PerfectCloud single sign-on across mobile and web.

Single Sign-On

PerfectCloud uses SAML 2.0 and also SmartSignin proprietary SSO to sign users into Box, eliminating user-managed passwords and the risk of phishing, pharming, and also Key Logging.

Active Directory & LDAP Integration

PerfectCloud’s synchronizes users in real-time from Box to Active Directory - and vice-versa. If you do not have any Identity store SmartSignin become the identity store for your organization.

User Provisioning

PerfectCloud automatically creates, updates and suspend users in your Box account.

Added Security

Add an extra layer of protection with PerfectCloud’s patented SmartKey architecture, cookie-less technology, and token-free multi-factor authentication without requiring for the user to carry additional infrastructure.