One of the biggest challenges for businesses is to grant and remove access of different users to various cloud applications. Network administrators can't possibly do a perfect job managing all this without slipping up once in a while. This puts the company at risk. SmartSignin is a great way to get out of the government's line of fire when using multiple cloud applications. Besides automated password resets, on-boarding and off-boarding of employees is just a click away. You can now monitor which employees accessed an app, how long they used the app, what device they used and where

Role based access control

IT can provision access to various applications based on roles, user groups and departments.

Easy on and off-boarding

Besides automated password resets, admins can on-board and off-board users with just one-click.

IT Audit

Organizations can control and monitor applications that are being accessed by every employee, including what device was used, from which location, and for how long the application was accessed.


 IT now has full control of the lifecycle of password management. 
 Concerns of employees using weak passwords eliminated. 
 No single point of weakness.