Our customers control the data at every stage. From the time a file leaves the system till the time it reaches the authorized user it remains encrypted and can only be decrypted by the person authorized to do so.

In organizations with multiple departments

In organizations with multiple departments and/or groups it becomes a major requirement to share files among the groups. SmartCryptor facilitates to achieve this while having full control over level of data access permissions

SmartCryptor access needs to be managed

With SmartCryptor access needs to be managed for all the data files that are shared within the organization and groups. The encrypted documents can be shared with a group, and only users in that group will have access to these documents

ommon scenarios of BYOD breaches

One of the most common scenarios of BYOD breaches that can happen is when employees and vendors exchange confidential documents and files via insecure cloud storage providers through their personal devices


 SmartCryptors provides organizations with security & privacy for data that their employees are storing and sharing within the organization network as well as on the cloud.
 SmartCryptor enables secure file sharing from any devices and any location.
 Sharing becomes even simpler when using SmartCryptor with SmartSignin, as existing groups within SmartSignin.