Telcos are the future when it comes to identity providers. In times of shadow IT, SaaS and BYOD trends, it is up to them to offer a safe haven for enterprise identity and cloud data security. We give you the tools to provide your customers with an even more secure cloud experience. In turn, you can reap in extra revenue and score increased customer satisfaction with your services. PerfectCloud's cloud security applications are your best bet when it comes to quality, ultra secure Value added services (VAS). You will love them, but your customers will adore the privacy and security they guarantee even more. It's time you scored extra profit - we can help you out.
Offer your customers PerfectCloud’s cloud security applications as a value added service to help them secure their data and instantly increase your revenues!

Our product portfolio is that extra layer of security and convenience your clients want to have. Step up your cloud hosting game with flexible user identity management, a powerful Single Sign-On solution and brilliant cloud data encryption.

   Data encryption and secure file sharing on premise and in the Cloud
  Patented Security architecture for absolute data security and privacy

Unified Security for your Cloud Data


A Sophisticated, yet Simple to Use Software that Gives you Complete Control over the Cloud Access Security Lifecycle. Comes with Single Sign-On, thorough Authentication & Authorization, User Provisioning, Identity Management, and Audit Reports for Regulatory Compliance.


The Most Efficient and Secure Way to Encrypt and Share Files Across Devices. Supports Storage Devices such as NAS or SAN, Local Network Storages, Local Drives and Cloud Storage Apps. An Intelligent System Allowing for Access Permission to be Granted or Revoked at Any time, from Any Device. Even if the Data has been already Shared, you can Revoke Access and Maintain full Encryption.


 Patented security architecture enhances protection and privacy for critical data.
 Helps increase productivity and agility for organizations.
 Lower costs and increases ROI.
 Quick and easy to integrate SmartSignin and SmartCryptor.
 Help’s organizations to adhere to compliance regulations.