Our scientifically-backed approach to cloud security solutions for Non-Profit Organizations ensures the highest level of data security, unmatched convenience for your goals and causes, and lower expenses with improved ROI.
  Single Sign-on, Cloud Identity and Access Management
   Data encryption and secure file sharing on premise and in the Cloud
  Patented Security architecture for absolute data security and privacy

Unified Security for your Cloud Data


Cloud identity re-imagined and improved. Brilliant, secure Access Management. Simplicity paired with Functionality.

A One-Click Login To All Apps

Slow, time-consuming login processes are eradicated as SmartSignin introduces a one-click login to all relevant apps. Employees, partners or volunteers are now able to log with their credentials through a single dashboard.

Tight Security Through Proprietary technology

Our extra secure Smart Key helps you achieve full protection on your precious records stored on the cloud. No one but you has sole control of your data. To keep confidentiality on the maximum level, access permission is limited only to the person who creates the record. No regulatory compliance worries anymore.



Easy Application Integration

Every NPO needs flexibility. Adding new apps is a routine for your operational needs. With SmartSignin, you are able to add any new app not only in real time, but without the need of any pre-integration. This gives you the time needed to focus on achieving social changes through the applications, instead of wasting time setting them up.

Greatly Reduced Password Reset Costs

Password resets and self-serving user credentials cost NPOs millions. With SmartSignin you don't need helpdesks or spending a lot of money on support. Your staff can now change their credentials quickly, easily and securely.

Centralized Access Control and Monitoring

Shed the heavy workload associated with NPO departments. SmartSignin gives you a centralized, easy to use and all-in-one dashboard. Manage identity access, monitor any activity and control your securely encrypted data

Give Role-Based Access Control

SmartSignin allows for even better identity management. Provision web applications to users, segmenting them into roles, groups or departments. Enjoy secure cloud encryption of the data accessible for every single group.

A Shield To Your Sensitive Data

Typically, NPO activity is related to social, political or cultural issues. Sensitivity is a must, with an even higher demand for protecting important personal data involved. Our patented security algorithm developed with University of Toronto's Ganita Labs will construct an impenetrable shield around your confidential information.

Easy User On and Off-Boarding

Personnel changes usually involve a hectic, time-consuming process of on and off-boarding users. With SmartSignin admins can add or delete access to applications or your identity stores with just a click. Simplicity, contained in one multi-functional dashboard taking care of everything.




The future of ultra secure cloud data encryption in your hands. File sharing meets absolute privacy.

Always Be Compliant With Global Regulations

NPOs need to adhere to a wide variety of regulatory organs and institutions. SmartCryptor prepares centralized audit reports you can use to monitor and manage all your users and shared documents. Oversee and control your whole infrastructure and encrypted data with stunning ease so you are always in line with international laws.



Secure File Sharing from Anywhere

NPO activity involves a lot of file sharing and documents circling around in the cloud. With SmartCrytpor your files are finally at maximum safety for you to freely encrypt and share them. Do that either through storage devices such as NAS and SAN, cloud storage providers like DropBox, GoogleDrive and OneDrive, or on your local drive.

Proper Access Right Management

Be the master of access permission: grant single users or whole groups control to your data, or revoke it for your security. You can do so on any device, at any time – even if the data has already been shared.



The Simple Directory Integration You Needed

When used with SmartSignin, SmartCryptor can be effortlessly integrated with Active Directories, LDAP, or other identity stores such as GoogleApps, DropBox, or Office 365. Manage your staff's digital access rights in mere seconds, with guaranteed privacy.




  Enhances protection and privacy for critical data.
  Increases productivity for both admins and users.
  Lower costs and increases ROI.
  Quick and easy to integrate SmartSignin and SmartCryptor.
  Help’s non-profit organizations to adhere to compliance regulations.