Our scientifically-backed approach to cloud security solutions for IT & Technology services ensures the highest level of data security, centralized access management and identity-based encryption for all your cloud data. Managing user profiles and permissions in SaaS applications has never been more simple, allowing you to save time and costs.
  Single Sign-on, Cloud Identity and Access Management
  Data encryption and secure file sharing on premise and in the Cloud
  Patented Security architecture for absolute data security and privacy

Unified Security for your Cloud Data


Cloud Identity Re-imagined and Improved to suite your Needs. Brilliant, Secure Access Management. Simplicity paired with Functionality.

The Fitting Single Sign-On Solution

SmartSignin provides you with a powerful single sign-on solution that enables your customers to login to all apps simultaneously with just a click. In addition, now your clients won't have to worry about managing multiple login IDs and are guaranteed privacy in line with international regulations.



No Mobile Workforce Worries Anymore

IT teams are extremely tech savvy and mobile devices are a routine for all tech employees. SmartSignin's proprietary security protocol reinforces confidential data security, alleviating any vulnerability pains or data breach possibilities. Mobile workers can now access and share company data from anywhere, at anytime, as everything on the cloud is flawlessly encrypted.

Login Credential Heaven for Network Admins

IT companies' network admins have to manually manage hundreds of passwords. With SmartSignin they can simply click once and give access rights to any new employees, revoke any user permissions if an employee leaves, or perform easy and secure password management. SAML and Non-SAML SaaS applications are no longer a stressful, strenuous part of IT matters.



Easily Integrated Apps on the Go

Any IT company deals with new apps frequently. However, app integration might take too long and can require collaboration with 3rd party services. SmartSignin reshapes this whole process, providing you with quick and easy implementation and a library of over 8000 apps ready to complement your business.

Centralized Access Control, Monitoring & Auditing

Shed the heavy administrative workload. SmartSignin gives you a centralized, easy to use and all-in-one dashboard. Manage identity access, monitor any activity, control your securely encrypted data, and generate audit reports to be compliant with global regulations.

Self-Service Password Resets

The times of slow, irritating and costly password resets have passed. Your staff can change their credentials quick, easy and securely. No helpdesks or slow setup processes required. A new look towards password resets that will reduce your operative costs greatly. 


Strong Authentication

Working closely with University of Toronto's Ganita lab, we have devised a patented security architecture that is guaranteed to protect your data to the maximum. Never fear internal or external threats again. SmartSignin's built-in strong authentication will ensure no one gains access to your confidential information.

Easy User On and Off-Boarding

Personnel changes usually involve a hectic, time-consuming process of on and off-boarding users. With SmartSignin admins can add or delete access to applications or your identity stores with just a click. Simplicity, contained in one multi-functional dashboard taking care of everything.




The future of ultra Secure Cloud Data Encryption in your hands. Secure file sharing meets Absolute Privacy.

Ultra Secure File Sharing

Your files are finally at maximum safety for you to freely encrypt and share them. Encryption keys are never stored anywhere, even on our end. Share or encrypt on NAS and SAN storage devices, cloud providers like DropBox or Google Drive, or even on your local drive. We'll keep you safe.



Audit Reports For 100% Compliance

Your business should adhere to various regulations. SmartCryptor's in-depth audit trails provide you with undeletable logs of all user sharing activity. You have full control over your data and are always in the know on who did what. Regulatory compliance is merely a breeze.

Simple Access Rights Management for Documents

How is your IT company structured? SmartCryptor lets you define your own access permission by granting single users or whole groups control to your data. You can also revoke any permissions to ensure your data safety. Both can be done on any device, at any time. Even if the data has already been shared, revoking access will leave it open only to you.ss Rights Management 

Smooth Directory Integration

When used with SmartSignin, SmartCryptor can be effortlessly integrated with Active Directories, LDAP, or other identity stores such as GoogleApps, DropBox, or Office 365. Manage your staff's digital access rights in a few seconds, with our patented approach to privacy.


 Enhances protection and privacy for critical data.
 Increases productivity for both admins and users.
 Lower costs and increases ROI.
 Quick and easy to integrate SmartSignin and SmartCryptor.
 Help’s businesses to adhere to compliance regulations.