Our scientifically-backed approach to cloud security solutions for academic institutions ensures the highest level of data security, unmatched convenience for your staff and students, and lower expenses with improved ROI.
  Single Sign-on, Cloud Identity and Access Management .
   Data encryption and secure file sharing on premise and in the Cloud .
  Patented Security architecture for absolute data security and privacy

Unified Security for your Cloud Data


Cloud identity re-imagined and improved. Brilliant, secure Access Management. Simplicity paired with Functionality.

Increased User Productivity

With SmartSignin all users are given a single set of credentials to access all your institution's apps. Their personal information is secured through several layers of privacy and data encryption. With complex credential operations left behind, users can now enjoy better productivity and academic performance.

Single Sign-on

Your staff and students are now one click away from logging into all the needed SAML or non-SAML applications. Our Single Sign-On solution is as secure as it is easy to use and caters to any organizational needs an educational institution might have.

Effective Authentication & Identity Management

Providing the administration with a centralized way to manage user identities, SmartSignin also ensures that the university meets privacy laws and regulations. Extensive audit reports make it easy for the IT department to authenticate, monitor and control users, always keeping in touch with sensitive data and who accesses it from where and when.

Patented Security Infrastructure

Educational institutions hold data records containing valuable information that needs to be encrypted properly. SmartSignin's infrastructure takes care of that by leaving no encryption or decryption keys anywhere: only the unique user has access to them. Thus, university users are able to connect to university apps without compromising overall security.

Delegate Access Control Intelligently

Transfer your academic structure into SmartSignin for even better identity management across your whole database. Provision web applications to users, segmenting them into roles, groups or departments. Enjoy secure cloud encryption of the data accessible for every single group with no grounds for any data vulnerability.

Self Service Password Resets

Slow, irritating password resets that require a lot of effort are long gone. You don't need any helpdesks or to spend time and money on support: your academic users can now change their credentials quick, easy and securely.

Quick Application Implementation

SmartSignin comes with a catalogue of over 8000 apps and the freedom to add new ones through sophisticated web hooks. You will benefit from SmartSignin's library, achieving swift app integration to fit your current needs. What once took weeks, now gets implemented within hours without any complex processes involved at all.

Compartmentalized Data For Extra Security

Multi-tenant environments can involve risk for the whole security infrastructure. As universities involve a huge number of tenants' data accommodated in once place, we compartmentalize the access to it. This effectively means that any single point of failure is eliminated and the supposed breaching of one user won't affect the security of others.


The future of ultra secure cloud data encryption in your hands. File sharing meets absolute privacy.

Safe Document Sharing

Your files are finally at maximum safety for you to freely encrypt and share them. Staff and students can now do that either on storage devices such as NAS or SAN, cloud providers like DropBox, GoogleDrive and OneDrive, or even on your local drive. Reliable communication without any security vulnerabilities to fear.

Authorize and Revoke Access Rights

Be the master of access permission: grant single users or whole groups control to your data, or revoke it for your security. You can do so on any device, at any time – even if the data has already been shared.

Audit Reports You Need for Compliance

Always be in the know on who did what. SmartCryptor's in-depth audit trails provide you with undeletable logs of all user sharing activity. You not only have full control over your institution’s data - you are also 100% guaranteed to comply with privacy laws and other regulations.



Flexible Directory Integration

When used with SmartSignin, SmartCryptor can be effortlessly integrated with Active Directories, LDAP, or other identity stores such as GoogleApps, DropBox, or Office 365. Manage your staff's digital access rights in mere seconds, with guaranteed privacy.


  Enhances protection and privacy for critical data.
 Increases productivity for IT admins and users .
  Lower costs and increases ROI.
  Quick and easy to integrate SmartSignin and SmartCryptor.
  Help’s to adhere to compliance regulations.