While data breaches are not new threats to organizations, they are becoming a more prominent concern due to the heightened complexity of threats and determination of cyber attackers

The costs associated with data breaches have also risen considerably. The major security incidents in past few years, which included massive data breaches in the retail sector and record-breaking distributed denial-of-service attacks, make it clear that businesses in all sectors can benefit from taking stock of their security standings.

Data encryption has long been a fundamental component of security, but not all encryption is equally secure. This white paper will discuss the core elements of strong encryption and how it can best be used to minimize the cost of data breaches.

Other issues that are addressed in this white paper include:

  • The costs and causes of data breaches worldwide.
  • The relationship between encryption key length and security.
  • How encryption fits into PCI, HIPAA and SOX compliance.
  • Compliance practices and their relationship with strong security.
  • Encryption use in cloud computing environments.
  • PerfectCloud products – How SmartSignin and SmartCryptor features can enhance cloud data security and privacy.

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