Watch how PerfectCloud can help you to do more, a lot more!

Introducing SmartSignin

Do you want a seamless and productive online experience: quick, simple, convenient, and secure? SmartSignin provides a secure 1-click access into all your websites and applications from one location. It is an easy-to-use application that features Single Sign-on services with multi-factor authentication that you can access from anywhere, using any browser or platform.

SmartSignin for Enterprise

Forget Your IT Department, You Can Do Everything On Your Own. SmartSignin's Identity & Access Management System cures the headaches of administrators and helps them with Single Sign-On, BYOD, User Provisioning With a Single Click, Seamless Integration With Identity Stores, On-boarding & Off-boarding, Role Based Access Control (RBAC), as well as No Pre-Integration With 3rd Party Providers Required. Manage The Identity & Access Of Your Employees, Customers, and Partners Without Leaving Security Behind!

SmartCryptor - Encrypt Your Data and Securely Share It With Others

SmartCryptor helps you encrypt your data and save it on any cloud storage service or on your mobile device. You can share it with others anytime, using any device and retain complete control on who has the authority to decrypt and access the data.