A “Free” work culture

Every individual in the team is a leader of his own and we promote learning and teaching through daily collaborations. It is rather a small team as of now and everyone has the freedom to lead on different tasks.

Innovation is the “key”

Everyone in the team has the freedom to innovate and most of the tactics we practice come from thinking “Out of the Box”. We all have different skill sets and everyone comes up with something new everyday.

Worldwide Collaboration

Our teams work from Canada, US and India. We stay connected via Skype calls, Zoom meetings, Google Docs, Dropbox etc. Everything we do is based on the cloud and we work together to give the world a very safe and secure cloud environment.

We are always looking for great talents to join our team

Our team is diversified; we all come from different backgrounds and work together in unity.

We want you to join us.

Self-direction, independent thinking, and open communication are incredibly important to us. We value each teammate's contribution, and strive to both teach and learn from each other. We can't wait to hear what you'll bring to the team!

What you Get at PerfectCloud

  • Manage your own schedule
  • Ergonomic workstations in our offices (comfy!)
  • Innovative environment
  • Team parties at least thrice a year

Are you next at perfectcloud?

If you have a fire in your heart, a drive to do great things and an overwhelming desires to improve the world, PC is the place for you. At PerfectCloud, mindfulness; skills, street-smartness and inspiration is kept above your Degree and Background

Find Your Fit!

We are actively looking for new teammates in these positions:
.Net Engineer
If you don't see a perfect fit in our open positions, that's okay! You can still tell us about your special talents and why we should make you the next perfectcloud.